3 Essential Things You Need to Know About Company Stamp

The company stamp is still used in a business area. You may find it often in documents, both in a digital and non-digital form. Since technology involved in almost every human activity, you may find that it also can be inserted on the document digitally or electronically. However, the manual company stamp won’t be loose its function and become still relevant even in a digital era. But why is it still relevant until now? If you want to know about the answer and more essential things about the company stamp, just keep reading!  

1. The Main Purpose Why Company Stamp Is Used 

Sometimes people think that the signature is not enough to authorize the document. Therefore, they put an official company stamp as an extra sign to increase the level of credibility of the documents. By putting it with the signature on the documents, it can indicate that not only an authorized person validate it but also the entire company or institution give their official permission as well. 

2. The Reason Why Company Stamp Is Still Relevant 

People tend still to use a stamp since there are contless of reasons behind that. Here are some of them! 

  • Hard Copies or Printed Documents are Still Relevant 

Although soft copies document become more popular nowadays, hard copies or printed document are still relevant and will continue to be used in many different areas. Because of that, the company stamp also will continue to be used to authorize the hard copies or printed documents.    

  • Convenient 

Almost everyone knows how to put the company stamp on documents. If you ask why that can happen? That’s because the stamp is easy to use. Because of its easiness, you will need just a little time to use it. 

  • Affordable 

You’ll find that the stamp has an affordable price. That’s why people still use it because they won’t spend a lot of budgets to buy the stamp.  

  • Can Be Used Repeatedly 

With an affordable price, you can use it repeatedly! For example, if you choose to use a pre-inked or self-inking stamp, then once you fill the ink, it can be used to make up to 1000 impressions. 

3. Things You Need to Prepared  

So, if you are interested in making a company stamp, there are several things required before you make it. Here are the things! 

  • Information 

First, list the information required. Then, make sure that you only include the latest information on your stamp. Regularly the information that should be prepared are the company’s name, logo, address, telephone number, registration number, and you can add the more required information about it. 

  • Concept 

Try to make a concept about the shape, size, and ink color of the stamp. Avoid setting the wrong size of the stamp by doing to estimate it first. You can sketch a certain size of the stamp on a paper to help you imagine and estimate about right size for it. For the color, maybe you frequently find that the color of the ink is black. But, if you want to try another color, then you can choose between blue, green, and red.   

  • Professional Company Stamp Maker 

Before you can make it, you need to find out a specialist in a stamp maker. For your alternative, you can visit Company Stamp in Singapore to help you get a good quality company stamp at an affordable price! 

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