Advantages And Disadvantages of Foam Board Printing

There are certain advantages of printing on foam boards. Printing on foam boards is an efficient way of printing. You can print various things on foam boards like pictures, posters and so on. This post talks about the advantages and disadvantages of foamboard printing.

Low price

Printing on foam boards is less expensive. Foam boards are less costly materials in the market. They are suitable for large-scale or small-scale projects. Printing within your budget is essential, especially when printing many posters. It gives you multiple colours that you can manage.

Foam boards grab attention

A well-printed foam board grabs attention of prospects and customers. Foam boards can advertise services or products during trade fairs or conferences, which can enable your organization to stand out in a competition.

Useful for heavy-duty

Foam boards, because of their sturdy nature in comparison to other boards do not have solid core. They are malleable. It is a hard board, since it hardly curl or bend, and is straight when you hang it.

Available for large images

With foam boards, you can print larger images, directly to a material. This gives a fine finished image that you can use for branding or company logo. You can print to the background images to the edges of to the foam board to look like a large photo on your display screen. This is a way to, advertise your services or products, since this is attractive.

Lesser weight

Foam boards have a lesser weight, since they are from light weight foam that is more versatile and transportable. You can use this option to advertise your products at fairs or shows or market them at various places.

More printable or cuttable

It is simpler to print on foam boards and get high quality banners and posters. These posters and banners are useful for artworks, family portraits, school projects and business marketing. You can print photos and designs to foam boards and trim them to a particular shape.

More adhesive

You can mount foam boards on walls, since they are light and removable adhesives. Avoid adhesives that damage the surface area.

Disadvantages of foam board printing

Slightly acidic

When you mount archives on foam boards, the chemical content of its plastic will degrade it. This is due to the acidic nature of foam boards.

It is not recyclable

Certain materials end up in the landfill, when you add them to a recycle bin. Foam boards are such materials, since they contain polystyrene, the plastic used for making Styrofoam. This material is not biodegradable.

 Foam cores are not resistant to tears and wears.

 It can snap above your knee, punctured by a finger nail or dented. Foam boards are delicate.

Foam boards are not exposable to elements

Foam boards will change colour, disintegrate or warp under much moisture or sunlight. Foam boards are not suitable for permanent outdoor displays. Do not display foam boards in damp places like the bathroom or kitchen. You can only display foam boards when the weather is day or nice, but you have to fasten them on something, to prevent the wind from blowing them off.

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