Five Things to Do in Name card Printing

Business custom comes and goes, but name card remains essential. Not only is it a way to tell people how to contact you or your brand, but it can also help you to build brand awareness. 

Apart from that, in the business world, the custom of giving and receiving name cards shows professionalism. It is a sign that you want to connect with others professionally and vice versa. Sure, it doesn’t mean that you are fooling around if you have none, but getting yourself a personalized name card shows that you mean business. 

If you are planning personalized name card printing, remember these 5 dos’: 


1. Ensure Legibility 

When you are designing things for the public’s eyes, it goes beyond saying to ensure its legibility. For a name card, first, make sure your font size is no less than 12pt. Second, make sure you choose readable fonts over fancy fonts. Fancy fonts are sometimes hard to read, so sacrifice your “aesthetic” for a more readable type of fonts such as serif or sans serif fonts. Third, make sure your words and your name card’s background are in high contrast. 

2. Only Put Important Information 

You may want to promote yourself and your business, but a name card is not the right medium to present them all. Its main function is not to be a product catalogue, but a piece of contact information. Thus, limit yourself from spilling too much information and stick to your main contact information. Recommended things to include: your name, your job title, your work phone number, your work email, your website, and your brand’s logo. Other than that, it is optional. 

3. Keep Your Branding in Mind 

It would be best if you keep your company branding in mind for your name card. That way, you will also increase your brand recognition and awareness. This doesn’t only apply to a name card, but also to all platforms your brand is being promoted at such as your website, marketing materials, and in-store appearances. 

4. Optimize Spaces 

Since a name card is small in size, space optimization is crucial. So why not use the back of your name card? It will help you to display more information or visual elements that can elevate your card’s whole look while not comprising the “no clutter” rule. Most people use the back of their card to display a logo, but you can use them to showcase your shortlist of services, taglines, or even appointment reminders. 

5. Hire a Designer 

Of course, there are many online design tools that can help you to design for free in a convenient manner. However, nothing beats a professional designer to direct your name card in the visual department. Their know-how in design will give your card an elevated look that will impress your customers and clients in one fell swoop. If you feel like you don’t have a creative side, hiring a designer might be the right answer for you. So, we would recommend you let the pros handle your name card. 

Now, are you ready to create your own personalized name card? We hope this helps! 

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