Get to Know Some of the Most Popular Material for Your Sticker Labels!

Some people assume that the sticker label is easy to create. Yes, that is right! However, please note that it is not as easy as they imagine, especially if you have no experience in making it. Why? Because there are several things that you have to know before you create it. One of them is about materials. 

Have you seen a glossy or maybe transparent sticker label before? Sticker label is not only made by one type of materials. You may find that there are lots of material types for it. Also, each material has its own specification. Unfortunately, it often happens that someone who has little knowledge and experience about it, choose the wrong material for their sticker label. As a result, their sticker didn’t live up to their expectations. So, if you are interested in knowing the types of materials, here are some of the most popular material in making sticker printing

1. Mirrorkote Stickers 

Let’s start with one of the most favorite materials, which is a mirrorkote sticker. What made it popular? That’s because of its affordable price. Mirrorkote has an off-white color with a slight gloss appearance. It is slightly water-resistant, so it is often used for indoor rather than outdoor purposes. Besides, if you search for the best sticker material that can be written on, then you should consider to choose it as an option. But, if you search for a tearproof sticker, then this type is not recommended for you! 

2. Matt White Stickers 

Do you want to make a sticker label that suitable for indoor and outdoor applications? Then, you should start thinking about using matt white stickers! This material is waterproof and tearproof! Also, it has a matt surface that can be written on. Matt White sticker also works on various surfaces such as paper, glass, and plastic. 

3. WoodFree Stickers 

Another cost-effective option for your sticker labels is a woodfree sticker. This material is uncoated and good for ink absorption. This material will be perfect for those who don’t want to have any shiny effect on their sticker labels because it has a matt surface. It is also the right choice for people who want to create a sticker label that can be written on easily. However, woodfree is not recommended for those who need to make tearproof and water-resistant sticker labels.  

4. Gloss White Stickers 

So, in previous information, mirrorkote is a sticker paper that has a glossy appearance, but it is not water-resistant and non-tearproof. But, if you are looking for glossy, waterproof, and tearproof sticker material, then you should choose gloss white sticker material for your sticker label. Don’t forget, if you create a sticker label by using it, you can also write on its surface! 

5. Transparent Stickers 

One of the different materials that can make your sticker cooler since it has a transparent surface and no white ink backing is a transparent sticker. Where can it be used? Since it is waterproof, then you can use it both indoors or outdoors. One more thing, you can create a tearproof sticker label with this material! But, if you need a material that can be written on its surface, then you should avoid choosing this. 

6. Kraft Stickers 

Are you looking for new popular materials? So you should probably know about kraft stickers! This type of material has a brown kraft matt surface, making it easy to write on. However, the kraft sticker is not suitable for outdoor applications since it is not water resistant. Also, for those who need tearproof sticker materials, you will not be advised to use this one. 

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