Name Card Designing and Printing Tips

For beginners, not only that it is rather quite difficult to navigate through the designing software of application to design a name card for name card in Singapore, coming up with a good name card design itself can be very challenging. In fact, it can still be quite of a challenge for professionals who do it daily. A name card is a simple business stationery that seemingly doesn’t need too much thought poured into it, but in reality, if a name card is designed the best way it can, this one tiny tool can unleash its full potential and help bring various advantages and benefits for business, especially regarding marketing activities.

If you are wondering how to design a name card in a good quality, you can find out more below about it.

1. First, information

Think of what you want to put on the name card. Of course, you may think that the more information you can provide to your clients and prospects, the better it is. However, it is not entirely true, especially when it comes to designing a name card with a very limited space. A name card can not be cluttered with the many words you try to chuck in there. It must be kept simple and clean, and it should only require the most crucial and relevant information such as your name, your telephone number, your e-mail, social media handle, and website address. In this era of technology and digitization, the last two information has become very important and nearly mandatory for each encounter, because people now have easy access to the internet where they have become more independent in finding information regarding their potential business partners. People would definitely try to discover more information regarding your company by accessing the social media page of your company or brand as well as your website so that they can easily learn on their own about what you do and what you have achieved, determining if you are worth their cooperation.

2. Make a card layout

These days, there are a few easier way for you to design a name card. If you are not very familiar with a professional designing app or software such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw, you can try finding existing templates for name cards on the internet. Of course, there is a limitation to this, but you can definitely put this to use if you can’t create your own from scratch and also can’t hire somebody to do it for you.

A name card layout must be kept simple, and everything must be legible, supported by the text size and font itself, as well as the distance between all elements included in the name card.

3. Card stock

There are a lot of paper types you can choose for your name card. There are papers with various colors and textures, with different thickness (GSM) that each gives off different feel and sense of professionalism. Preferably, if you’re seeking to make a more formal and elegant looking name card, it is preferable to print on a thicker paper, possibly textured for an extra touch. Not only the type of paper itself, but you must also choose the desired finish for your cards for a final step in production that can help you increase the durability of the card and level up its appearance in a subtle way. You can visit Kiasu Print Pte Ltd to find out more about name card.

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