The Tips to Make Sticker for Bullets Journal and Packaging Sticker!

Yes, stickers can be used for different kinds of purposes! You can make it for bullet journal decoration, packaging sticker, etc. That’s why you can easily find it around you. Also, people tend to choose the sticker for using it because the sticker is simple to make. If you have an intention about making a bullet journal sticker or packaging sticker, there are several tips you can apply during the process of making it. Here are the tips! 

Bullet Journal Sticker 

Nowadays, people try to become more productive by having a bullet journal! They can write a lot of things such as a to-do list, the goals, habit, or even do the tracking of their moods on the bullet journal. But, most of the bullet journal is decorated by their owner! Then, the sticker is one of the tools that is commonly used to decorate it! If you are interested in making it, here are a few tips about making it! 

1. You Can Draw It Manually or Using a Design Apps 

It is flexible for you to draw a sticker manually on a paper or using design apps. When you choose to draw it on a paper, then you should scan the result before you be able to print it. But, if you choose to make it with the design apps, you can easier to edit the design if you do something wrong with it. 

2. Determining the Sticker that You Wanna Make for a Bullet Journal 

As you can write a lot of things on a bullet journal, then what kind of sticker that you wanna make? The header sticker? Or you wanna make a doodle sticker to decorate your bullet journal? You are free to decide about it! 

3. Print Your Design Sticker! 

So, you can’t have a bullet journal sticker if you are not print its design. You must consider the quality of sticker printing! It is crucial since the result of your sticker will be determined by it. 

Packaging Sticker 

Sticker is commonly used on product packaging, for specific reason and purpose. There are a few tips you need to know when you make it. So, here are the tips! 

1. Validating the Information 

Including information on the packaging sticker is allowed! But, validating the information is required. Avoid using the wrong or the old information that already not valid for now. So, you should include the latest information on your packaging sticker! 

2. Avoiding to Use the Small Font Size 

People might be using an extra effort to read the information on the packaging sticker if the font size is too small for them! That’s why you should avoid setting the font size too small. Because the sticker area is limited, then just include the most important information on it, so you can scale up the font size. 

3. Determining the Type of Sticker  

Instead of print the sticker by yourself, you can go to the trusted sticker printing service to get a good quality of sticker printing. Besides, by choosing to go to the printing service you can choose more variants for the sticker such as the transparent sticker, the Mirrorkote, or another type that fits fit your need! 

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