The Use of Symbolism Inside Designs

Inside the advertisement and marketing industry, communication is essential. You simply cannot create content without it having a meaning. Symbolism is just another tool that helps us communicate with a wide audience, even if they do not even speak the same language as we do, hence why this is such a powerful tool while creating ads and designing logos for brands. Graphic designers know that their work is all about communicating through the visuals they create and publishing ads both on social and traditional media.

Symbolism is everywhere we go, and graphic designers are experts to the matter. Weather there are pictures on walls, printed stickers on notebooks and smartphones or even big ads on a bus stop, all we can see are symbols with meaning. For example, we tend to relate the use of green with vegan products. So, how does the use of symbolism in our designs work?

Nature and animal symbols

The use of nature symbolism has come so far from those first paintings man used to do in caves. There are many things that brands use that are a straight reference to a natural environment. For example, the use of animals in their logo designs could be associated with specific qualities these animals represent. Using a lion on your brand could symbolize loyalty or strength, as that is what we tend to associate that animal with. Or you could use doves or birds which symbolizes peace and liberty, it could even be linked to a free spirit too.

Flowers and plants as symbols

Using flowers as part of your brand logo could be associated with renewal and serenity. Plants symbolize the growth of something new, maybe even stronger than before. Like what animals and nature symbols, flowers and plants have been historically linked to different qualities for hundreds of years. One of the most popular symbols used to celebrate and symbolize love is the rose. Another example of flowers used by brands are the laurel to represent victory like Romans used to do many years ago or a three-leaf clover (which is used a lot during the St. Patrick celebration) to symbolize luck.

Solar and lunar symbols

This one could be even related to zodiac symbols too. It could be part of the nature symbols, but this one has been used by many brands and it deserved its own space. If you would like to let everybody know that your business is full of light and it is powerful such as the sunlight, then the use of sun as a symbol in the logo design could be wise. Not only communicates the idea perfectly, but it also looks amazing on packaging and stickers which will later make your brand well-known. Similar to the sun symbol, the moon could be used as a contrast of the sun or it could represent transformation.

Remember that solar and lunar symbols are related to mystics too, which gives the brand a mysterious vibe too.

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